Western New York Quarter Horse Club
News & Updates
2019 Youth Board Members
President: Madeline Keyes
Vice President: Sydney Newton
Secretary: Autumn Cercone
Treasurer: Taylor Porter
Directors: Regan Clayton, Tabitha Hess, Samantha Lippert and Gabrielle Marchetti

How to receive year end awards
-attend and sign in at 4 youth club meetings throughout the year
-other meeting credits include: a) banquet attendence with renewed membership b) exhibiting or volunteering at Candy Apple
-participate in 2 fundraisers (these include but are not limited to) a) bringing 2 baskets to the banquet b) spring fundraiser TBD c) fall fundraiser TBD
-must be a member in good standing

Horseman of the Year
-2 age categories (14-18 and 13 & under)
-must write an essay about how horses have impacted your life, how long you've been a member of the club, what being a horseman of the year means to you, your accomplishments of the year etc...
-essays are due at the November meeting 
-winner announced at the banquet
-winner will recieve a plaque with your name on it

Youth Scholarship Application