Wreaths & Poinsettias

Order your holiday decorations through this fundraiser. We have poinsettias in multiple colors (white, pink and red), undecorated wreaths and decorated wreaths. Poinsettias are $9/ea, undecorated wreaths are $15/ea and decorated wreaths are $20. Orders are due by 11/15. View the order form.

Basket Auction at January Banquet

Donate a basket for the silent auction that is held at the WNYQHCI yearly banquet. If you are interested in donating, email us at wnyqhci@gmail.com to learn where to deliver the basket.

Reusable Bags

Please support this year-round fundraiser! These reusable bags can be used for anything from grocery shopping to a grooming bag at a horse show.

They are $5/ea. They can also be shipped to you for a minimal cost. Bags are made from grain bags and feature anything from goats, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. Please email wnyqhci@gmail.com to place an order.

We also accept donations of feed bags in order to continue selling these bags.

Tribute Feeds Partner Program

We are part of the Tribute Feeds Partner Program. Save your receipt when you buy a bag of Tribute and send that receipt to the club. For every bag of Tribute Feed purchased, we will receive $0.25. If a ton of bulk feed is purchased we will receive $10. Please forward your receipts to Mercedes via mail or at WNYQHC meetings.